"a simple one pill process to reduce anxiety"

Dentistry has long been associated with pain. Toothaches are well known to be one the most debilitating types of pain in the body. Because of this pain, dentists have been leaders in the development of pain management. Some people believe it is necessary to feel oral pain during dental treatment. This incorrect belief has motivated many potential dental patients to avoid seeking proper dental care.

Relaxation dentistry is the answer for dental phobics. Now patients can have their dental care accomplished while they are totally relaxed and comfortable. After an overall health assessment is completed, approved patients can be dispensed medication in the dental office prior to treatment. Once the medication has taken effect, the patient is in a very relaxed state of mind. This level of sedation is not to be confused with general anesthesia. It is extremely safe, the patient is alert and breathing on his own. Should a patient over-react to the medication, it is 100% reversible. Patients have been thrilled with this treatment option. Now patients are able to receive necessary care and some do not even remember the appointment. Different medications are available in varying strengths for safe and effective use in children and adults.