Posture and Your Teeth


Do you have problems with balance or posture? How do your teeth come together when you close your mouth? There is a connection between the two.

In two recent studies, it has been demonstrated that malocclusion (teeth that do not come together perfectly) typically parallels balance - pixabay cco free commercial use - jump-863058 640balance and posture challenges. The evidence suggests that correcting your #occlusion will contribute to improvement in your posture and balance.

Why is this important? It seems particularly important to three groups of people.

  • First, it is important to persons with physical disabilities. Improvement of balance could significantly improve mobility, reduce fear, and improve state of mind.
  • Second, it is important to older adults. Many older people develop posture and balance issues as they age, particularly in connection with other conditions. The number one cause of emergency room visits for older adults is falls. If something as simple as correcting malocclusion would improve stability for these people, their general health and their enjoyment of life would be enhanced.
  • Third, it is important for athletes. Correcting a malocclusion to improve balance and posture could significantly enhance athletic performance.

If a dentist can improve your life in so many ways, isn’t it worth discussing malocclusion? Ask me about it when you come in for your next appointment.