Ask Me About the Anesthesia Wand

We have been using the Anesthesia Wand for a number of years. It is an ideal device for children and for anyone who has had a bad experience with dental work in the past. We have seen great success with the wand. Unfortunately, it is not appropriate for every dental procedure. When it can be used, it works wonderfully.  Anesthesia Wand - sm -IMG 2533 002


Think about the large metal syringes dentists typically use to inject numbing anesthesia to make it easier for patients to endure the pain of some procedures. That huge needle is intimidating, especially for children. At Complete Dental Care in Salem, Virginia, we never want any patient to be afraid or in pain. The Anesthesia Wand has a wonderful alternative for us.


The wand is a small tube that resembles a straight-shaft pen. On one end of the tube is a very small syringe. On the other end, the tube attaches to a device like a computer that is controlled with a foot pedal. The device notifies the dentist when the anesthesia is dripping into the syringe.


One advantage of using the anesthesia wand is that the anesthesia is delivered very, very slowly. This is ideal for children because the slow flow of the anesthetic eliminates pain and the burning that accompanies traditional syringe delivery.


A second advantage of the wand is its flexibility. It can be used to numb a single tooth or a large section of the gum. And, because it delivers a continuous drip of anesthetic, it is not necessary to pause the procedure to inject more anesthetic.


Use of the Anesthesia Wand is covered by insurance, just like the traditional metal syringe. The only additional cost is the purchase of the tips that are used on the wand. This cost is typically absorbed by the dentist.


Although the anesthesia wand was invented about 20 years ago, many dentists have not adopted it. The metal syringe remains appropriate for many of our patients. For children and adults who have experienced difficulties with the metal syringe, we find that it is often the best alternative to reduce fear, relax our patients, and prevent pain.


If you have had a bad experience with anesthesia or you are bringing your child or grandchild for a dental procedure, ask your dentist about the anesthesia wand. You’ll be glad you did.