Being on Time

No doubt, VMI certainly isn't the school for everyone, however; I think there is a lot to be gleamed for all of us. Adherence to a strict schedule is not only expected, it's mandatory.

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 Timeliness is expected, no excuses. It had never occurred to me that one plans to be late. For those of us who for some reason or another typically have something interfere with their timeliness, VMI simply states, you need to plan to be early and then you should be on time. They state tardiness is a choice not to plan to be on time.

The rigor and learning with intention reminded me very much of dental school: something I would not like to repeat. VMI is proud to take young students and produce citizen soldiers and leaders. Dental school made dentists out of us in 4 years. I was raised with a lot to structure, rules and expectations. I do think this helped better prepare me for the challenges.

As a result of the structure, I may lack patience. Unfortunately, it seems almost standard now to wait in doctor's offices. Trying to respect everyone's time, nobody has anymore than anybody else, we do our best to stay on schedule. Our office tries to reserve plenty of time specifically for our patients' needs. We try to seat our patients and complete their treatment in a timely fashion. We do not intentionally double book appointments. That said, we are human and are not always perfect. Yet we hear constantly from our patients, praise about honoring appointment times.