Take a Look at Under Armour’s Performance Mouthwear.
In the past 50 years, a considerable volume of research has concluded that clenching one’s teeth completes a neuro-physiological feedback loop responsible for a complex series of responses resulting in an increase in adrenaline and cortisol production as well as blood pressure and heart rate. That this “stress response” is invariably initiated during instances of physical exertion is undeniably counter-intuitive because of its detrimental effect on athletic performance. Cortisol in particular can, at high levels, cause the body to enter a state of constant muscle breakdown and suppressed immune function, thereby increasing the risk of illness and injury while at the same time reducing muscle.

The first research into the application of an oral appliance in athletic performance first began in 1958. Further research has continued over the years. A 2009 study involved an in depth comparison of muscular endurance with and without a mouthpiece and concluded a significant improvement in sporting performance resulting from the use of a specially designed oral appliance. Trial participants showed an increase of 1% in mean bench press repetitions and 17% in preacher curl repetitions when wearing a Bite Tech product. Perhaps more significantly, cortisol levels were found to be on average 49% lower.

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear (UAPM) Products are engineered using Bite Tech’s patented technology and clinical trials have shown that there is a definite improvement in the response to auditory clues and a potential improvement in response to visual clues when these products are used. The UAPM Products use ArmourBite Technology that is backed up by 15 years of research. It positions a patented, uniquely shaped Power Wedge between the molars to help maintain optimal spacing and reduce the effects of clenching by reducing cortisol production as well as reducing lactic acid build-up by up to 25%. Over 1,000 professional athletes wear Armour Bite; the appliance is a powerful tool in the quest to enhance athletic protection and performance.

UAPM has been engineered to unlock the body’s true potential and has a positive impact on an athlete’s ability to train harder and perform at a higher level by increasing strength and endurance and reducing the impact of the stress response that omits physical performance.
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