Your Dental First Aid Kit

Where is your dental first aid kit? Does everyone in your family know where to find it? Do you even have a dental first aid kit?  Because anyone can sustain a dental injury or emergency at any time, your kit needs to be accessible to everyone in your family. The kit should contain the items you need to deal with a minor dental issue or to manage a serious injury or problem until you see your dentist.  dental first aid kit - paid - Depositphotos 159122586 s-2019

Storing Your Dental First Aid Kit

A dental first aid kit might be stored beside a regular first aid kit. Another kit might be needed in a vehicle or with sports equipment. Having a dental first aid kit and knowing what to do in an emergency could save a tooth.

Contents of a Dental First Aid Kit

The basic items you need in a kit can be supplemented with items needed for special issues (like braces). Here is a list of the basics:

  •   Medical gloves (to prevent spreading bacteria)
  •   Sugar-free gum (to stimulate saliva production or manage dry mouth)
  •  Gauze pads
  •  ChapStick or other lip moisturizer
  •  Ice Pack (to reduce swelling of the face)
  •  Dental mirror (to see the back of the mouth)
  •   Acetaminophen or other over-the-counter pain reliever
  •   Dental floss (to remove something lodged between teeth)
  •   Dental wax (to prevent irritation by braces or a broken tooth)
  •   Denture adhesive (to hold a tooth or crown in place until you see a dentist)
  •   Salt (to make a salt-water rinse)
  •   A small cup (to mix saltwater)
  •   A small container for a knocked-out tooth or a broken denture
  •   Emergency contact information for your dentist
  •   A simple overview of what to do for dental emergencies

Hopefully, you will never need a dental first aid kit. A kit with the items listed should help you to deal with an emergency in your family until you see your dentist.