TikTok has more bad advice

A health hot topic now on #TikTok is the use of #garlic to treat #sinuscongestion. The instructions are to put a clove of garlic up each nostril and wait a bit. When you remove the garlic, the congestion will drain out of your nose.  garlic -SM -  paid - storyblocks - SBI-300616412-JPG

The drainage you see when you remove the garlic is a small amount of mucus that has collected above the garlic in your nose. It collects above the garlic because the blockage has left it nowhere else to go. When you remove the obstruction, the mucus can drain. This is not a cure.

Does sticking garlic up your nose do anything for your sinuses? No – at least nothing observed by a doctor. So, even if it doesn’t help, it probably won’t do any harm? This is also wrong.

 Any time that you put something in a part of the body not intended to accept it, there is a danger of the object becoming stuck. This blockage can damage nasal tissues and possibly sinus tissues. If the clove of garlic becomes lodged in your throat, there is a choking risk. Finally, if you inhale the garlic, it can cause respiratory distress or a dangerous infection in your lungs.

Another bit of popular medical advice espoused on TikTok is not helpful and may in fact be harmful. TikTok is not the only social network that is propagating inaccurate medical information. It is always important to check the veracity of advice shared online. Check with your doctor or dentist, or check the guidance against a reliable website like NIH, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic. etc.

Source: https://bit.ly/3iaXLrN