Dentists are Not Pregnancy Tests


A woman claiming to be a fourth-year dental student is attracting a large following on TikTok by taking the appearance of some symptoms and standing them on their head. The latest interpretation concerns the oral side effects of pregnancy. She is presenting the information in the format of a revelation that your dentist may be able to tell if you are pregnant during a dental exam.pregnant woman sm - paid - storyblocks - DD-05142016-160304A-3543

Pregnancy affects the oral health of many women when pregnant. Some women experience bleeding gums, some show signs of serious morning sickness in a weakening of tooth enamel, and some show signs of gingivitis related to pregnancy in swollen and inflamed gums. This is typically caused by the surge of hormones that occurs during pregnancy. Some women have claimed that they noticed a loosening of some teeth during pregnancy. But it is important to remember that gingivitis can result from several factors and causes and that damage to tooth enamel can also have several causes.

Dentists should not be used as a pregnancy test. We may recognize some indications that typically accompany pregnancy or illness. When we stand this back on its feet, we see that it is important for pregnant women to see their dentists during pregnancy. It is important to diagnose any of these effects and help them manage their dental hygiene regimen. If we see indicators of other conditions, we might suggest that you see your physician about them. We are not on a quest for your secrets. We are looking for signs of problems that could affect your pregnancy, your baby, or your health. We use that information to develop the most effective plan to help you protect your teeth during pregnancy.