Vaping Cannabis?

If you use Cannabis (for whatever purpose), you should know that vaping cannabis increases the possible health and oral health effects. Cannabis has some of the same potentially dangerous side effects in your mouth as tobacco. Those effects are compounded when you use tobacco and cannabis vaping - paid - Depositphotos 104915416 s-2019

Decades ago, marijuana smoking was calming. The forms of cannabis in use today can actually increase blood pressure and heart rate. The health implications of this are significant.

Cannabis can also create serious complications in the dental office. If you are having a procedure that requires pain management, the drugs we use cause the same effects as the cannabis. Thus, it makes you resistant to the desired effects of local anesthetics.

Cannabis can also suppress the immune system. Some heavy users have reported paranoia or anxiety when in stressful situations, such as sitting in a dental chair.

When you add vaping to cannabis, you exacerbate the possible side effects. Most people experienced relatively few side effects from smoking pot years ago. But when used in an electronic cigarette or a vaping device today, you introduce additional chemicals into your mouth and lungs.

There is little to no regulation of how cannabis is grown or processed. Some growers use insecticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals during the growing process. Molds often form that are contained with the use of fungicides. These can enter your mouth and lungs when inhaled. It also may produce certain new chemicals that are carcinogenic. Finally, vaping is introduced to your mouth at temperatures of approximately 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which can damage oral tissues in several ways.

Please be careful what information you trust online --  some is accurate, some is not. If we know that you are using cannabis, especially if you are vaping it, we can look for problems when conducting your oral exam. Finding and treating problems early always produces the best outcomes. My best suggestion is that you think twice before vaping cannabis. And please tell us if you are using cannabis before any procedure. We don’t judge and we keep your information secure. We always want to provide safe, effective, and comfortable dental care.