Are these behaviors harming your teeth?


Most of us have habits or behaviors that we use when we think or when we are under stress. Unfortunately, some of these behaviors can harm your teeth. Many are associated with our work or workplaces. man chewing pencil - paid - shutterstock 36372031


1. Morning coffee. Some of us sip on a cup of coffee all day or all morning. Sipping on coffee throughout the day can cause dry mouth, bad breath, cavities, and stained teeth. Also, drink water when you finish your coffee.


2. Smoking. We all know how harmful smoking is. Don't forget that smoking can harm your teeth.


3. Failure to hydrate. We need to drink our required amount of water to stay healthy. Replacing coffee with water is a good idea. Hydration is especially important for people who work out of doors or in jobs that involve strenuous activities.


4. Teeth are not tools. Your teeth are not intended to pull out staples, to tear packaging, or to rip tape from packaging. Teeth are absolutely not intended to remove bottle caps or to keep nails, pins, and other items handy. These activities can chip or break teeth.


5. Don't chew pens or pencils. This is a very common practice when people are thinking. But chewing on pens and pencils can wear down the edges of your teeth or slowly eat away enamel.


6. Don't grind your teeth. If you are inclined to grind, try keeping celery or carrots at hand. You will protect your teeth and your jaw.


7. Use a mouthguard, if appropriate. If your job puts you in danger of sustaining a blow to your mouth, a mouthguard will protect your teeth.


These are a few of the most common ways that people harm their teeth while working (at home or elsewhere). Be sure to see your dentist regularly and tell your dentist or hygienist if you have any of these habits.