Protecting You From Coronavirus

For your safety, and that of our staff, everyone who enters the Complete Dental Care office is screened for COVID19. As the number of new cases is rising across the country, we want you to understand that you are as safe as we can possibly make you while in our office.Coronavirus Prevention - paid - shutterstock 1743578639


Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets that are pushed into the air when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or talks. For this reason, you will be required to wear a mask while in our office -- except while you are actively being treated.


Some procedures that require the use of ultrasonic instruments (ultrasonic drills, polishing tools, and the air/water syringe, for example), will not be used or will be used only under carefully controlled circumstances.


Some dental procedures and instruments can create a spray containing your saliva, water, and debris. Formation of the spray is called aerosolizing. These droplets quickly fall to the floor and settle on other surfaces. They may also remain in the air longer than we expect.


To protect you from these aerosolized particles, we have installed upgraded air filters. We also wait 15 minutes after you leave before we #disinfect the surfaces in the exam room. This allows time for these droplets to settle on surfaces, to be cleaned away.


Virus and bacteria control always have been an important part of the practice of dentistry. We want you to understand that we are taking every possible step to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the office. Your health is of paramount importance.