Welcome back to simple 2 minute makeover. Our tip for the day is about veneers. The smile is first noticed on a person's face and makes a lasting impression. In today's world, patients want a bright, natural smile with pretty teeth. No longer do patients want or accept a smile with dingy, worn down teeth. An old smile is a part of the aging process that you do not have to accept. I am constantly amazed by the number of patients that are interested in veneers.

Q: OK, so what exactly is a veneer?
A: A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is permanently bonded to the front of the tooth. Veneers can permanently change the color and/or alignment of your teeth. Veneers are a multi-appointment treatment. Typically, the enamel on the front surface is roughen up and then the patient returns to have the veneers glued in place. Due to the simplicity of this process, many people elect to do all the teeth visible in the smile.

Q: If enamel is roughen up, is this safe?
A: Yes, veneers are completely safe. The teeth are only roughen minimally. Veneers are the most conservative treatment for making permanent changes. A new technique is being introduced to the market that doesn't even require the traditional roughening.

Q: If veneers are made out of porcelain, can they break, chip or crack?
A: Yes, veneers are made out of porcelain and can break. Fortunately, breaks are not common and can usually be avoided with proper design and care.

Q: What do veneers cost?
A: The price of veneers depends on several factors. On average, veneers are $650-$900. If the patient wants a completely new smile, the design process can involve considerably more time and can increase the cost.

Veneers are here to stay. Veneers are not for everybody. Life is about choices, veneers are a choice. Veneers can change your smile and really give you something to smile about! For the patient who just wants a fresher look or the patient looking for a natural, new smile, veneers can work with what you have and make it great!

Veneers a great option to achieve a simple makeover!


- Written by the Salem Times Register for Dr. Caroline Wallace.