Sports injuries are a common cause of oral injuries and studies have show that mouthgards are one of the most effective pieces of protective equipment and their use dramatically reduces the number of dental injuries received while playing. According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented with mouthgards every year.

Custom fitted mouthgards have a definite advantage over boil and bite type mouthgards. Boil and bite mouthgards tend to lose their rigidity and thickness when bitten into place during the softened state. However, custom fitted mouthgards made in a dental lab stay rigid and will not split, crack or become soft.

A beautiful smile is priceless. While a boil and bite mouthgard is economical, is it worth the risk of damage to the front teeth? Most people pay more for shoes that are worn out in a few months than a mouthgard costs that last for years. Different types of mouthgards are available depending on the age and dental development of the patient. Remember, mouthgards are not only for kids; even those at the top of their sport career use the valuable piece of protective equipment. If you any questions regarding custom fitted mouthgards, please call our office, 387-3844.


- Written by the Salem Times Register for Dr. Caroline Wallace.