Your Clean Water Supply

The news has been filled with images of the recent flooding from hurricanes and the news about the impact of the storms on the clean water supply in some places. It also made me think about Flint Michigan, and their water crisis. All of it made me think about the importance of a clean water supply.bottled water crisis - pixabay cco free commercial use -82690 640

Did you ever think about the effect on your health when there is a lack of clean water? The oral health of many people suffers because they try to replace some of the water they usually consume with sugary soda and sport drinks. Drinking contaminated water is harmful to your general health and to oral health. The same bacteria and other elements (like lead) that are harmful or dangerous to your general health are also harmful to your teeth and gums. This makes the water unsafe to drink and unsafe to use for brushing teeth. Also, loss of treated water typically means loss of fluoridation.

A clean water crisis could limit the procedures some dentists could perform? Many of our tools and instruments use a large amount of water (drills, scalers, etc.). Many dentists today use a "closed system" source of water, meaning that we use distilled bottled water. These systems enable us to perform a full range of procedures safely. Many dentists use "city water" for non-surgical purposes and distilled water for surgery.

In a clean water crisis, your continuing oral health may depend upon the preventative care you give your teeth every day. Keep your teeth and gums healthy to protect oral health and general health. What can you do?


  • Brush and floss twice daily as recommended.
  • Use a fluoride enhanced toothpaste.
  • When your dentist offers fluoride varnish, rinse or supplements, accept them.
  • If you do find yourself in a clear water crisis, throw away the tooth brush before the contamination was discovered and replace it with a new one.
  • See your dentist regularly.

To your oral health!